Colossal hybrid floating solar farm being built on hydropower dam reservoir in Thailand


One of the world’s biggest hybrid floating solar farms is taking shape in Thailand. An EPC contract has been signed by a Thai-Chinese consortium to build the world’s largest hybrid floating solar project for Thailand. Implementation of this project will create an eco friendly energy scheme that will strengthen and encourage Thailand’s security of power supply. So that the solar panels are suitable to be installed on the surface of the water, crystalline double glass module solar panels are selected. These are not dangerous for aquatic animals as well the environment. More than 1,44,400 solar panels are being installed at a reservoir in northeastern Thailand. The panels will cover an area the size of about 226 football pitches. The hybrid facility can switch between the solar panels and dam turbines to generate energy. In terms of power generation, there are certain limitations to solar power energy. So they eliminated these limitations to generate power continuously with a hybrid system. They are using everything to make the best use of each component. They have space in the water surface, they have a hydropower station. That combination will lower the cost per unit of power. When finished in June, the solar farm and dam will have a 45 megawatt capacity. The state run operator plans to replicate the model at 8 more dams over the next 16 years. Thailand generated nearly 12% of energy from renewable resources in the year 2019. Thailand aims to draw 35% of its energy from renewable sources by 2037.


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