Coconut Husk Scrubber: A simple cost effective solution to a global menace

We are all aware that our mother nature is choking because of the pollution we have been creating. Even after rapid advancement in Science and technology, we have not been able to reduce pollution. Global warming is increasing speedily. 

Everything we use in our day to day lives contains plastic. It is our responsibility to try to replace these plastic products with eco-friendly products. 

Every household uses utensil scrubbers to clean utensils. These scrubbers are made of either plastic or steel coil. Both of them are non biodegradable and non compostable. They pollute the environment enormously and also pose a huge risk to aquatic life. 

In an attempt to solve this problem, many startups have found a solution. They are now making utensil scrubbers from coconut husk. It is made from natural coconut fiber which is chemical and toxins free. 

Coconuts come directly from mother nature and are biodegradable. They are very eco friendly and easy to use. Coconut husk is a waste product which we usually throw away. This initiative is amazing and deserves appreciation. 

These coconut husk scrubbers are not only eco friendly, but cost effective too. They are easily available at cheap prices. But because of lack of awareness, people are still using the plastic scrubbers which are polluting the environment. 

We should all take a step towards replacing our everyday use items with eco-friendly products and also support these new startups which have a purpose and aim to save our mother nature.