Climate change, strained infrastructure worsen flood risk in India’s Silicon Valley, says report

 Repeated floods in Bangaluru are a major risk to the residents of the area. The report by global property consultancy Knight Frank, evaluated that authorities may require about 28 billion rupees for the restoration of stormwater drains which are damaged by constant real estate development. Bengaluru, called India’s Silicon Valley for providing over 3,500 information technology (IT) companies, considered for 18 per cent of all fresh jobs created in the country in the recent years. The growth of economy has brought rush of people. The report shows the population will rise to 18 million till 2031.

The developed region switched  vegetation to grow to 93 per cent of land use in 2020 from 37 per cent in 2002 taking more consideration of natural drainage system which brings water into the city’s from associated lakes, report explained. As the climate is experiencing shifts and turns, there is high intensity precipitation, further adding risks of flooding in the city. Seeing the example of Mumbai, the report called for Bengaluru’s local authorities to design an effective plan to resist water-logging in areas which are prone to floods and ensuring the free movement of stormwater. After its excessive downpours since 2014 , places in Bengaluru were unfortunately immersed  under the deep water. It spoiled the IT industry. Global warming has made India experience rising temperature and extreme heat.