Chinese parents reunite with their son after 24 years


The father rode his motorcycle across China for over two decades. He went more than 483,000 kilometers with banners depicting images of a two-year-old boy flying from the back of his bike, all in the pursuit of one goal: locating his abducted son.
Mr. Guo Gangtang’s quest came to an end this week. After police matched their DNA, he and his wife were reunited with their son, 26 years old. Says China’s public security ministry
Mr. Guo has become something of a folk hero in China, thanks to the seemingly happy ending. His cross-country journey, during which he claims he was thrown off his bike at least once and slept outside because he couldn’t afford a hotel, was adapted into the 2015 film Lost and Love, which starred famed Hong Kong actor Andy Lau.
Following the reunion, Chinese social media was flooded with congratulations. Hundreds of millions of people saw hashtags about the Guo family.
Peng Sanyuan, the film’s director, stated in a video on Douyin, a social media app, “Today, Lost and Love finally gets a true happy ending.”
In China, child kidnapping has long been an issue. Official figures on the number of children taken each year are unavailable. Still, authorities from the Ministry of Public Security said earlier this month that they had discovered 2,609 missing or abducted children so far this year. According to various statistics, the number of children stolen in China each year might be as high as 70,000.


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