Chinese naval ship heads for the Philippines on ‘friendly’ tour

The largest naval training ship of China has set to be sailing for the Philippines which is its last stop of its tour. It has been growing tension over Chinese maritime activities in the South China Sea. The training which is managed by the ship is named after a Ming dynasty general who did battles opposing Japanese pirates, would give his attention to navigation, which had expressed its passage in the area as cordial. The Philippines have deliberately increased its military ties with the US in 2023, making more drills and even letting US access to local military bases. Manila said the availability will be beneficial if forces of China strike attacks at Taiwan. This idea made China see red. Increasing tensions even more, the Philippines placed navigational buoys in the selected scattered islands of the South China Sea in the month of May, in the heat of the moment triggering China to also do it. Within May 23 to 25, the training vessel created port in Vietnam, projecting with the sailing of a Chinese research ship in Vietnam’s absolute economic zone from May 7 to June 6.