Chinese celebrities doxxed by netizens after condemning animal abuse

Chinese actresses Zhang Xinyu and Zhao Lusi were trolled by some netizens after the well known celebrities were against animal cruelty considering latest cases of cat abuse.Their personal information – like national ID details, ethnicity, birth dates and phone numbers – was illegally taken and exposed in a Telegram chat group. Members in the group, called Jie Ke La Tiao Fans, said that the actresses are cat lovers and that the members are now being ridiculed by Zhao .This happened after Zhang posted writes on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo platform which focused on her hostility towards animal abuse.

She explained how she is against animal abuse and she wants to halt the spreading of videos of the cruel acts, as children will mimic what they see in the videos. Jie Ke La Tiao, whose real name is  Xu Zhihui, was retarded in April by local police for interrupting social order after netizens reported him for doing injustice to cats and posting the videos on Chinese instant messaging app QQ. Xu apologised on Weibo on April 27 and showed interest to love animals the same way he loves his life. He said: “I have repented; please give me a chance.”