China tells last Indian journalist in nation to leave this month

An Indian Journalist has been asked to leave from China. Beijing and New Delhi are removing each others journalists and now the last one Indian Journalist has been asked to leave for the sake of revenge. This is worsening ties between the two nations. The reporter has been told to leave the nation this month. Some Indian journalists got visa renewals rejected in the past months, deliberately by China. In the previous month, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning told there was one Chinese journalist left in India, who was still awaiting renewal of their visa. Earlier, New Delhi denied visa renewal applications from two journalists from Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television.

The problem started a few months back when Indian reporters hired Chinese assistants to help themselves with reporting. Beijing enforced rules to curb employment to three individuals at a time who must come from a pool which has to be given by the Chinese authorities. In the year 2020, two  journalists from Australia settled in China flew away from the country as diplomatic tensions deteriorated between the two  countries. The two men were previously halted from leaving and stayed for five days under consular protection until Australian diplomats could negotiate their fleeing. That year, Beijing imposed allegations on Canberra for attacking the homes of Chinese state media staff and taking away their property.