China promotes ‘revenge tourism’


The world’s tourism industry is stagnant because of the coronavirus crisis. It has adversely affected the lives of people who are employed in the tourism industry. Therefore millions of Chinese people, approximately 40% of the population, will be traveling across the country after a year of lockdown and quarantine. China’s ministry of culture and tourism expects people will make trips within the country during public holidays and China’s national day. On the first national holiday, the tourism places were congested with visitors and the traffic made it impossible for people to move. All the tickets for trains and tourist places were sold out. Travel sites are giving heavy discounts and the hotel bookings have nearly doubled. Famous tourist attractions such as The Great Wall and the Shanghai Disneyland were swamped by visitors. Spending during these days will help China in economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a critical battle for the tourism industry. The nation is trying to boost its economy by encouraging its citizens to take part in revenge travel.


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