China opposes violence, attacks in Middle East crisis

China is extremely worried about the latest escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli fights and is opposed to enraged behaviour and attacks, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday.”China is against activities that ignite conflicts and undermine areal stability. We wish to view an early ceasefire, stoppage of war and restoration of peace,” spokesperson Mao Ning said at a regular press briefing in a reply to a query.

Israel pounded the Palestinian enclave of Gaza on Sunday, taking away precious lives of hundreds of people in retaliation for one of the most traumatic attacks in its history when Islamist party Hamas killed 700 Israelis and kidnaped dozens more.”The international community should seriously play its role and work collaboratively to bring calmness to the situation,” Mao said. “The only way out of the recurring Palestinian-Israeli conflict is to re-establish peaceful conversations, enforce the two-state resolution, push for a comprehensive and proper settlement of the Palestinian issue through political means at an early date, and come across the legitimate problems of all parties.”