China imprint left on mars by Rover


The touchdown of zhurong in may was the first-ever successful landing on Mars by any country. This status was, of course, received by china, and now they have achieved superpower status.
The Rover sent to Mars is named after the mythical Chinese fire god. Since its landing, it is studying the topography of an enormous lava plain known as Utopia Planitia. The photos released by the China national space administration portrayed the tracks left by Zhurong in the red soil; they are naming it as “china imprint.”
Zhurong also has a large Chinese flag on it, and this size wheeled solar-powered Rover weighs around 2240 kgs and will spend about three months on mars and take pictures, collect rock samples, and harvest the geographical data.
On Friday, the Chinese space agency stated that the engineering tasks for the mars mission were carried out as smoothly as they could, and all the pieces of equipment are in gread conditions.
China, as of now, has sent astronauts into space, powered probes into the and a rover to Mars.


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