China Energy begins operations at Asia’s largest coal carbon capture facility

Chinese state-ruled power generator China Energy Investment Corp has begin to operate at Asia’s largest coal-linked carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) facility.This has been reported in state media outlet CCTV on Friday. The facility combined to the group’s Taizhou thermal coal power plant in the country’s eastern province, has the yearly appetite to store 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide , the report said.

Carbon capture has taken away the attention for China’s major power generators as the country deals with a plan to initiate its carbon emissions peak by 2030. In 2022, state-owned oil and gas giant Sinopec brought a CCUS project which has the capacity to store 712,000 tonnes a year which makes it the country’s largest – at one of its oil refineries in Shandong province. China has approximate 40 CCUS presentation projects in functioning combining annual capture capacity, which is of approximate three million tonnes per year.