China dismisses the necessity for a new WHO coronavirus origins investigation


China rejected the World Health Organization’s proposal for a new investigation into the origins of Covid-19 on Friday (Aug 13), saying it preferred scientific over political attempts to learn more about the virus’s origins.
Pressure is increasing on Beijing to consider a new investigation into the origins of a pandemic that has killed over four million people and paralysed economies worldwide since it first erupted in Wuhan, China.
In January 2021, a WHO team of international specialists arrived in Wuhan after a lengthy and highly politicised trip to write a first-phase report collaborating with their Chinese colleagues. It was unable to determine how the infection arose.
On Thursday, the WHO demanded China release raw data from the first Covid-19 cases to restart its investigation into the disease’s origins.
China retaliated, stating that the initial investigation was sufficient and that requests for additional data were motivated by politics rather than scientific inquiry.
China opposes “political tracing… and abandoning the joint report” produced after the WHO team’s January visit to Wuhan, Vice-Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu told reporters. He stated, “We encourage scientific tracing.”
According to the paper, the most plausible possibility is for the virus to cross from bats to humans via an intermediate species. In contrast, a breach from Wuhan’s virology facilities is “very unlikely.”
Mr Ma turned down proposals for new lines of inquiry.
“The world community and the scientific community have recognised the results and recommendations of the WHO and China joint study,” he said. “Rather than starting over, future global traceability work should and can only be carried out on the basis of this study.”


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