Challenges ahead as Thailand’s reformist party eyes PM post

Thailand is all ready to start on Monday its first session of Parliament following the May 14 general election, but it remains away from certain who will have the opportunity to serve as a prime minister and make a new government. What is the procedure of this session? King Maha Vajiralongkorn will open the new 500-member House of Representatives on Monday and it will begin to proceed on Tuesday to elect a speaker. Once that is chosen, a date will be set to convene a joint session of the Lower House and 250-seat Senate to decide a prime minister, maybe around July 13.

After a premier is decided, a government will be made, around by early August. What does the Lower House look like? The opposition Move Forward and Pheu Thai parties won 151 and 141 seats, respectively, in a thumping of conservative rivals became friends with the royalist military after nine years of government ruled by the same generals who came in power in a 2014 coup. How does the PM vote happen? A candidate requires 376 votes from the 750 members of both chambers to serve as a prime minister. If no candidate wins that, more candidates will have the chance to be nominated and lawmakers will keep holding votes until one gets to reach that threshold.