Celebrate wonderful parenthood on Global day of Parents


Being a parent is one of the most beautiful and magnificent experiences. But it is not definitely a piece of cake. Global Day of Parents is a United Nations observance which is celebrated each year on 1st of June. It is celebrated to give a tribute to parents and their commitment to children worldwide. 
Global Day of Parents provides an opportunity to encourage and appreciate all parents globally for their lifelong sacrifices and selfless commitment to children and towards nurturing their relationship. So people all over the world have an opportunity to appreciate their parents and parental figures for the vital role they play in the development of families. Parents, children, community leaders, teachers and family organizations get together to promote effective parenting and celebrate the day. 
On September 17, 2012 the United Nations publicly declared that June 1 will be celebrated as Global Patent day. The United Nations observed that parents of every religion, nationality and culture in all parts of the world are primary teachers and caregivers of their children. 
Theme of Global Day of Parents is to appreciate all parents throughout the world. It is to endorse parent’s struggles and sacrifices towards their children across the world. The purpose of Global Day of Parents is to accept the sacrifices and affection of parents towards children. Not only parents but grandparents and great grandparents are also a part of this beautiful day. 
Global Day of Parents urges all to show respect and gratitude to the parents and the elderly. It aims to stimulate awareness on the importance of parenthood and its role in providing protection and tools needed in positive development in children. Parents are after all the human interaction that a child is exposed to and first teachers to their children. 
 Community leaders, children and parents get together to celebrate this day and promote effective parenting. Campaigns and educational programmes are also widely hosted for parents to increase stability within nuclear families. This day is also used to promote the model of a two parent nuclear family. Let us all be grateful to our first teachers, caregivers and nurturers i.e. our parents. 


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