Canon Laws updated by Pope Francis for addressing the issue of pedophilia by Priests


On Tuesday, the catholic church criminal code was updated by Pope Francis, wherein he has had directives for punishing the priests who commit sexual abuse crimes on minors.
This revision of the penal sanctions under the code of canon law was a lengthy process that involved input from experts on criminal and canonists who read the reports of sexual victims and the previously written codes, which are in-transparent and outdated.
The revisions, as per Francis, are important for the restoration of justice and will help in repairing the scandal and reform the offender. Francis became a pope in 2013 and had been working on tackling the scandals revolving around sexual abuse, which involve catholic priests all across the globe.
As we Francis, his aim behind the revision is to reduce the number of penalties that are left with the discretion of the judges. This change will begin in December,
Sadly, despite the recent measures, victims say that the Vatican hasn’t done enough for protecting the children in the west despite the intensive media covering the pedophile priests. The behaviors by priests have also leas to a rise in scrutinizing the practice of the church.


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