Canada issues a warning to nationals about probable exit restrictions in Hong Kong


On (Aug 5), Canada issued a public warning to its citizens that Hong Kong authorities can restrict individuals from leaving the city under a new rule that has sparked worries of Chinese mainland-style departure bans. The law, which gives the immigration head the authority to prevent individuals from boarding aircraft bound for and from the city, took effect on Sunday.
According to Canada’s travel warning Twitter account, individuals, including foreigners, may be unable to exit the territory under this change. The tweet refers to an amended alert issued by Ottawa on Tuesday, which highlighted the new restrictions directly. The advice added, “You may not be aware that you are subject to mobility restrictions until you try to leave Hong Kong.”
“In the absence of clarifying the law, these additional authorities may apply to criminal and civil matters, as well as inquiries into an individual, their family, or an employer.”
China frequently employs so-called “exit restrictions” against activists who defy the government.
They’ve also ensnared businesspeople embroiled in legal battles. The rule has been criticized by other western countries, notably the United States and the United Kingdom. Still, Canada is the first to expressly include the potential of a departure restriction in travel advice. According to Hong Kong’s administration, the rule would not apply to anyone leaving the city and is intended to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the city.


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