Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal: a thought-provoking place which radiates calmness


Boudhanath stupa is one of the largest buddist stupas in the world. It is a very famous pilgrimage point near Kathmandu, Nepal. It is located 11 kms from northeastern Kathmandu. Every single day buddhists gather here and light incense and do their spiritual practices. After the major earthquake of 2015, it was rebuilt. It is one of the tourist attractions which can not be missed. In Kathmandu valley, it is the largest stupa and hence can be seen as soon as you arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport.
The Boudhanath Stupa is a sign of belief of buddhists. It signifies peace and beauty. Built around the 14th century, it was made after the passing of Lord Buddha. It is a meditative monument which encompasses tranquility and peace. It is a place of worship of Buddhism and travellers around the world come to experience the silence and calmness of this beautiful Stupa.
The building’s structure consists of a giant dome. On the top of the dome is a buddhist pyramid tower. It has a massive mandala which is the main attraction of the tourists. Countless monasteries are located around the Stupa. On each site of the Stupa, a pair of large eyes is made which is the symbolism of awareness. It is believed that any person who offers prayers here with a pure heart, all his wishes will get fulfilled. It is also believed that any person who circumambulates around the stupa will create good karma.
Tourists come here to receive the blessings and imbibe the flow of positive energy that the stupa radiates. Morning and evening strolls are pleasant and serene. Followers of Buddhism, monks, spiritual seekers from all around the world definitely visit Boudhanath Stupa once in their lifetime to offer prayers. For anyone who is visiting Nepal, this thought-provoking place is a must visit.


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