Biden to host Pacific island leaders in US charm offensive vs China

President Joe Biden will host a second summit with Pacific island governers in the current week, part of a U.S. charm offensive to hinder more Chinese inroads into a particular area Washington has long recognised  its own backyard. Whilst the three-day meeting, the U.S. will declare diplomatic understanding for two Pacific islands, pledge new money for infrastructure, involving to polish Internet connectivity through undersea cables, and honor regional governers at an NFL game.

Biden conducted an inaugural summit with the islanders at the White House an year before and was waiting to encounter them one more time in Papua New Guinea in May. That plan was disturbed when a U.S. debt- ceiling destruction urged Biden to cut short an Asia trip. At last year’s summit with 14 Pacific island nations, Biden’s administration promised to support islanders fend off China’s “economic coercion” and a collaborative announcement resolved to polish their partnership, saying they had a vision for an area  where “democracy will have the strength to grow.”