Biden, Brazil’s Lula to launch initiative focused on workers’ rights

U.S. President Joe Biden and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will bring a new step to be taken on Wednesday to bring more power to the rights of working people, a sole prominent focal point for both governers , senior U.S. officials conveyed. The U.S.-Brazil Partnership for Workers’ Rights will be bilateral to begin, but other nations and organizations will be happy  to be a part of them, senior Biden administration officials conveyed, without naming other possible participants.

Biden and Lula will make a declaration when they have their second in-person meeting on Wednesday while in New York for the yearly high-level United Nations General Assembly. When Lula visited Biden at the White House in February, both governers directed their attention and energy immensely towards the issues like climate related problems and promised to bring ideas to save the Amazon, as well as the requirement to fight for and advance democratic values.

Prominent problems that will be discussed in depth involve child labor, the affect on workers of the clean energy and digital economic transitions, the gig economy, and workplace discrimination in opposition to women, LGBTQ+ people and racial and ethnic minorities, a second official conveyed . Both governers plan to bring up the problems with the Group of 20 prominent  economies, which Brazil will head in 2024, and global climate occasions, they conveyed.

It shows the United States attempting  to polish collaboration and cooperation  with Brazil, which has sought to maintain intimate ties to China, its sole trading partner, even as stress have raised high sharply between Beijing and Washington .