Bangladesh’s capital is paralyzed by protests following the death of a student


Large demonstrators in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, stopped main highways and harassed drivers on Thursday (November 25) in response to the death of a high school student in a road accident. Thousands of uniformed students blocked traffic in Dhaka’s central commercial district and outside the national parliament.
Others marched to the mayor’s office, requesting that the trash truck driver accused of murdering the student be tried quickly.
“Until justice is delivered, we will not return,” Sabit Bin Arif said.
“We demand that the law be followed. On the roads, we want our lives to be safe. How can we stand by and watch our buddy die as a result of someone else’s negligence?” The 18-year-old added. Students have been seen approaching automobiles, including police vans, and demanding that the drivers show their licenses.
Similar street protests in 2018 sparked by the deaths of two students in a bus accident grew into a nationwide movement that stopped down traffic across the country for a week, prompting a government reaction.
Although the government subsequently enacted a traffic law toughening the penalty for reckless driving, students at Thursday’s demonstration believed the measures were inadequate.
“We won’t return home unless our rights are secured this time,” Israt Jahan Ivy, 17, said. “We are not opposed to the current administration. All we want is for people to be safe on the roads.”


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