Authorities scramble to deal with tiger threat in Kailali, Nepal


A tiger has created havoc and terror in the parts of district, kailali, Nepal. Authorities are thinking about what should be their next move.
The animal is suspected to have killed a woman and gravely wounded another. The sightings of the tiger and the attacks have created a situation of panic among the localities and the authorities. Because of the tiger menace, locals are scared to even step out of the house. Locals have also stated that a tiger and three cubs have been seen from the past few months in the nearby jungle but no one is sure that whether this tiger, who has killed a woman is the same tiger which has been spotted by the locals in the jungle nearby.
The forests officials are trying to track its movements and wildlife technicians have been called to control the situation. More than 10 cameras have been installed. Because of increasing deforestation, the tiger has been starting outside for five months and attacks people. It is a major cause of concern because similar incidents have been happening in Bardia and Chitwan, the adjoining areas.
More than 10 people have lost their lives because of tiger attacks in this area. It is suspected that the tiger came into Nepal from the Dudhwa National Park. While the forest officials are trying their best to tame the tiger, the District Administration Office has given orders to kill the tiger, if need arises. The orders have been issued in accordance with the Local Administration Act of 1971. Though it has been made clear that the tiger will be killed only if the situation demands so.
But according to the forest officials, the tiger should be protected instead of being killed. An official said that the tiger should be captured and relocated but should not be executed. He further said that when a tiger is seen, people should immediately relocate to a safe place rather than taking photos and videos. The forest officials are of the view that an important wildlife like tiger should not be killed.


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