Australian Weather Bureau Forecasts Wet Months Following Dry June

CANBERRA – Australia’s primary cropping regions are expected to experience a dry June, followed by significantly wetter conditions from July onwards, according to a forecast released on Thursday by the country’s weather bureau.

While a dry June may cause concern for farmers, especially in Western Australia and South Australia where dry conditions have persisted recently, the overall outlook is promising for crop production. The expected increase in rainfall from July should provide much-needed support for crops.

Australia, a key global exporter of winter wheat, barley, and canola, stands to benefit from larger harvests, which would contribute to boosting global supply. As planting activities conclude in the southwest and southeast regions, analysts project a wheat harvest of approximately 28-30 million metric tons for the 2024/25 season. This estimate is slightly higher than the previous season’s yield.

The anticipated weather shift is crucial for ensuring the growth and health of crops, helping to stabilize the agricultural sector and support farmers after the initial dry spell.