Australia says Twitter is top platform for online hate, demands explanation

In Australia, a cyber regulator conveyed it has demanded Twitter to express how it is dealing with online hate, as the microblog has resulted in becoming the nation’s most complained-about platform since new owner Elon Musk lifted bans on a reported 62,000 accounts. The demand is about making the website more accountable after Mr Musk, one of the world’s richest people, bought it for US$44 billion (S$59 billion) in October 2022 with a hope to bring free speech.

The regulator wants twitter to focus on dealing with online child abuse material, which it said has picked up on the website since Mr Musk has taken over and job losses, involving content moderation roles. The renowned television host Stan Grant had cited focused on abuse on Twitter when he talked about taking a break from the media last month, the commissioner noted. Specialist broadcaster National Indigenous Television also conveyed why the decision of taking a break from Twitter was taken. They explained it was because of the racism and hate that they had to tolerate every day on twitter.