At Least 16 plus killed and dozens rescued amidst monsoon chaos in India


Officials stated on Tuesday (Aug 3), as the air force joined rescue attempts, that at least 16 people have been killed, and a quarter of a million others have been displaced as a result of severe monsoon rains in eastern India.
The new killings in West Bengal come only days after a torrent of water washed away homes and created landslides, killing 11 people in the state.
During India’s perilous monsoon season, which runs from June to September, flooding and landslides are prevalent, wreaking havoc. Climate change has exacerbated the yearly downpours, according to scientists.
Over the previous two days, two river banks have been broken, affecting at least half a million people in six West Bengal districts, according to the state’s disaster management minister, Javed Ahmed Khan.
Officials reported that five of the 16 persons murdered were washed away in the water, while the others died when their mud dwellings collapsed.
Military helicopters rescued dozens of people from the roof of a drowned building, including a 100-year-old grandmother and a nine-month-old infant, according to Mr. Khan. After water from a local dam was released, triggering unexpected flooding, panicked people were forced to escape to higher land.


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