Asian-American families distrustful about school return as hate violence increases


Parents are apprehensive of sending their children back to school as incidents of hate crimes have dramatically increased. They are worried about harassment as reports of anti-Asian violence has surged. 
During the week of the Atlanta killings, a little kid had an incident in the school in the cafeteria when a classmate of that kid came up and asked him, “why do all South Korean people look so similar?” while gesturing slanty eyes. Kids making racist remarks is shocking. Anti- Asian hate crimes rose by nearly 150% in 2021 in 16 major US cities. 
Some parents have decided to keep their children at home, attending virtual classes. In New York city, Asian-Americans children represent about 18% of all students. It does not matter whether one is born and brought up in America or not. As long as a person is an Asian, he is being targeted. But less than 12% of children back in schools  are Asians. 
In Asian-American community now people are fighting two kinds of viruses, Covid-19 and anti-Asian hate virus. It is very difficult for the parents to hold their children back at homes and make them attend virtual classes. But considering the conditions and recent hate crime incidents, they are left with no other option. 


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