Asia climate woes mount as heat shatters May records

Countries on all parts of Asia have been triggered severe boiling temperature that has showed a difference in seasonal temperature records. It is a concern because they need to adapt to the difference in climate. In many parts of the region, temperature is getting higher in late May, normally the start of the cooler monsoon season. Experts confirming that people can expect more of this soon. The heatwave in Vietnam is believed to last well into June.

This has led the authorities to turn off street lights and ration electricity, as there will be more requirement of air-conditioning which is burdening the power grid. The country has made a record of its highest temperature ever on May 6 and the temperature was at 44.1 deg C. Another province came close to the record on Wednesday, hitting 43.3 deg C.  National weather forecaster in Vietnam stated on Thursday of domestic fire risks because of high power consumption. In the approaching two days, temperatures are set to range from 35 deg C to 39 deg C. There are risks of dehydration and heart strokes too so people need to be extra cautious during these times.