Anti-Coup protesters being trained in jungle by Myanmar Rebels


A boot-camp for Myanmar’s anti-coup protesters has been organised to fight the military junta. To receive a crash course in combat, many of the new recruits fled here from the cities. 
They are being trained to cross a river and climb a mountain with a rope. All the sessions are very difficult, but they all are putting every drop of their sweat and blood into this combat training. They are also learning how to shoot enemies with a gun like it is done on a battlefield. 
Those from the cities, never even heard the sound of gunshots. But now they are used to the sound which frightened them earlier. They all are getting past their fears and risking their lives to get freedom for themselves and others. The training would help them to end the military dictatorship. 
The members of the ethnic minority rebel group, the Karen National Union are training the recruits. This group has been fighting the junta for decades and their fight against the junta has become intense more than ever. They have condemned the February 1 coup. 
Since the coup, more than 850 people have been killed during the military crackdown in Myanmar. The group leaders tell the protesters to never give up and keep the revolution alive. They are united to keep their strength until they win. They hate the military dictatorship and have decided to end it by rooting out the military from the country. 


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