Anita Yusof, Malaysia: A sincere example of ‘nothing is impossible’


Anita Yusof hails from Johor, Malaysia. She is the first Muslim woman to ride around the world. She is the first Malaysian who entered her name is Asia Book of Records for the longest solo bike ride.
Anita was fascinated by travelling from the beginning. She always preferred to travel alone. She earlier used to do backpacking until she learnt how to ride a motorcycle. In April, 2012 she first learnt how to ride a motorcycle. After three years of riding experience, she took her greatest challenge and embarked on a journey of travelling round the world on a solo bike ride. She called the adventure ‘Global Dream Ride’. At that time, she lacked both skills and funding but she was determined to do it no matter what the challenges were. It took one whole year to complete this journey. She crossed North America, South America, Asia and Europe.
She rode through 40 countries over four continents including a total distance of more than 65,000 kilometers. She was appointed as the brand ambassador of Givi which is Italy’s leading motorcycle brand. She also represented Malaysia in the ‘I Shape My World’ campaign. It is a global initiative which celebrates women who have inspired other women.
Anita wanted to share her adventures and experience so she published her books the ‘Global Dream Ride’ and ‘Kembara Solo Stans Asia Tengah’. Her stories and adventures inspire people to face their fears and get out of their comfort zone. After the pandemic gets over, she is hoping to embark on another great adventure in which she will cross through 70 countries in 7 continents. She is a great inspiration and a true example of ‘nothing is impossible’.


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