Ancient Heritage and Culture can Empower Tourism in Country


    Tourism is a way to fill the pools of economic, social and cultural potential of the countries. The thing which mostly attracts visitors from other places is the ancient heritage and culture of that particular place. In today’s time, when modernity has taken a hold on everyone, different cultures, norms, ideas are getting lost. “Grass is greener always on the other side” this phrase gets proved right when people like following the cultures of other countries. For example- India is highly influenced by western culture. There is no problem in improving your lifestyle by taking some ideas from other cultures. But, forgetting your heritage, not valuing your own land, language, the festival is a heartbreaking thing. Everyone must preserve their customs and feel proud of them so that the entire world appreciates you and your culture. Governments should also promote the idea of the loving and preservation of cultures. If people get appreciated by the government for keeping their cultures alive, it can create their interest in it. In this way, the number of tourist attractions will definitely expand and proliferate. 


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