An unusual incident and a discovery into the land of naturopathy


Dr. Dragan Jovanov, a former basketball player and a researcher academician with Macedonian university, had the biggest cheerleader by his side. Still, sadly one day, she left him, making him change and turn into a completely different man. Let’s take a look at his story.
Dr. Drgan woke up one fine day; his day was going well until he got the news that changed his entire life. His mother got diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo surgery immediately, which lasted 10 hours and gave no comprehensive results. Then came 31st December 2009, his mother left for a heavenly abode.
Dragan was angry, sad, and underwent the same turmoil a person goes through whose left has left them. This incident took another thing away from him, and that is his trust in allopathy medication, which made him research phytomedicine, phytotherapy, and phytonutrients scientifically. He needed a way to recover emotionally, too, so he started helping people by treating them.
This gave him the most wonderful reward anyone could ask for, people’s blessing and their happy faces. It’s been 11 years, and he has helped over 30,000 people. Dragan had one motto: to put the energy of God first, and with the help of the divine power, start working on everything you wish to do. He believes that this is the divine energy that protects him and guides him.
Losing his mother wasn’t the only downfall for him; his father wasn’t well, his sister was shattered after his mother died, and people mocked him for having an interest in plants. Thats not it. He was rejected while working as a demonstrator at the faculty of minimum income because he was not supporting the then policies of his country.
But as this says, there is a light at the end of every tunnel; Dragen got hired by the MIT university in Skopje but didn’t improve his payments weren’t released on time, and he had to survive in poverty. But, this didn’t stop him, he wanted to help people, and God found a way to help him.
He has worked, researched, and has reached the position that he is now! From 2015 till now, Dragen has received, Recognition from various organisations as the best young scientist.
Dragen is an inspiration for each and every one of us, especially the ones who are working in agriculture. his journey also proves that no matter how many struggles you face in life, if you have the will power you will be able to come out of them


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