An unknown destination that houses beautiful temples: chindi


Chindi is located in the valley of Karsog. It is a very peaceful hill station and a perfect escape if you want to relax in the Himalayan mountains. Everyone loves this region because of how beautiful it is and how the architecture is mesmerizing. Chindi is famous for its beautiful temples, and here are a few of them. 
Chindi Mata Temple
Chindi Mata temple is a picturesque temple that is carved in wood. This multiple-story temple has roofs that are embedded with symbols and totems. The temple has a wood-carved deer head right on the roof, and you will also see wood-carved flying eagles that are spread across the roofs. The wooden tiger statue guards the main gate.
The walls of the temples have scenes from the Hindu scriptures. The catchy part is that the temple has a circular step well right outside. The deity who is worshipped in this temple is the goddess Chandi. Chandi is the fierce part of the Devi Durga. 
Rameshwar Temple
Rameshwar temple is one of the most famous temples that is situated in the town of karsog. The temple is 40 kms away from Chindi. The temple is an old wood and stone temple that has a lot of lovely carvings on it.  There is a belief that Pandavas made this temple while they were in their exile. It is also believed that Bheema, the second Pandava, played the temple drum. 
Kamakshi Temple
Kamakshi Temple is 17 kms away from chindi and is the shrine of the Kamakshi Devi in Kau. the statue of the devil wears silver ornaments, and the shrine is a sight to see. The shrine has gabled roods, wood carvings, pendants, and chimes. 
Shikari Devi Temple
Located 100 kms away from Chindi, the Shikari Devi temple is worth the visit. Though reaching this temple requires a lot of patience, once you reach it, you will enjoy the temple that doesnt have a roof and is surrounded by meadows. 


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