An eco friendly home inspired by Mother nature: ‘Nanau’ Kerala


In Kannur district, Kerala there is a beautiful house owned by a couple. The couple has left behind the ultra modern architecture of the 21st century and made such a house which has been accepted by mother nature with open arms. The walls of this house breathe, literally. Even though the outside temperature must be 40 degrees, you will never need a fan inside the house. Hari and Asha have built this energy efficient and eco-friendly house. 
Extreme levels of pollution, depletion of natural resources, excessive use of non renewable energy has led to global warming. This situation is in direct conflict with mother nature. But there is only one aim of the couple that lives in kerala and it is to preserve mother nature. 
Asha gives guidance to local farmers to practice natural farming and Hari works in the local water authority and. The love of nature that the duo shared became the reason for the couples union as a whole. They have made their house of dreams eco friendly and named it ‘Nanau’ meaning ‘the home of harmony’. Nowadays humans are harming nature by making houses built with large amounts of cement and steel. This isn’t a natural way to live. They have made the house with natural clay. 
This house is constructed in 960 square feet. The total cost of material used in this house is Rs fifty thousand. The cost of the labour came around two lakhs. Very few light points have been set up in the house because the house is constructed in such a way that natural light is enough. They have also installed solar panels. They only use four units of electricity in a month whereas in a city daily consumption of a house is 4 units. This is unbelievable and remarkable.
They have also made a natural refrigerator. They have dug a hole in the ground and filled it with sand. In the middle of it they have kept a clay pot. They keep the sand moisturised which reduces the temperature of the pot to 10 degrees. All the appliances in the house are run on solar energy. The initiative taken by this couple is extraordinary and amazing. 


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