Amazon’s Gold Rivers: A rush through Peruvian Amazon in NASA photo


Recently pictures have been published by NASA which appears as Rivers of Gold in Amazon’s Rainforest, Peru. These photographs reveal the extent to gold mining, which is apprehended as illicit. NASA also stated that the 6th largest producer of gold in the world is Peru and is one of the largest independent gold mining industries.
The gold rush happened in 2000-2010 when the gold prices increased over 300% worldwide. This resulted in uncontrolled growth of illicit mining. It is hard to regulate the miners’ work in the remote dense Amazonian forests. It is reported that illegal gold mining in Peru annually is worth $3 Billion.
But the mining techniques used in the dense forests are inadequate and inefficient. In the process, mercury is used which can cause environmental poisoning. It is very dangerous. It is also estimated that in 2018, 185 tonnes of mercury were released into Amazon, Peru.
It is also dangerous to the life of workers. As they dig, the mining hole eventually becomes deeper and deeper and increases the risk of mudslides. It can lead to an average of loss of four lives of workers a week.
In a 2012 study it was found that due to an increase in environmental poisoning, the rivers are getting contaminated and so is the marine life. The fish eaters are most likely to die because of mercury poisoning. It is detrimental to the environment, humans and animals.
Mining is also one of the biggest reasons for large scale deforestation in the Amazon. According to a study, more than 20% of the forest has been mined illegally causing dangerous consequences. According to the ‘Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project’, deforestation for gold mining destroyed approximately 23,000 acres of Peru’s Amazon in 2018.
Global attention is required to this problem immediately which is highlighted by the pictures shared by NASA. Sanctions should be imposed and measures need to be taken to keep a check on illegal gold mining.


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