Amazing Thailand: Tourism officials plan to market ‘Pita fever’ globally

BANGKOK – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said that it is planning to make leader Pita Linjaroenrat as the tourism ambassador. This is being done to attract more number of tourists. Mr Pita being the leader of Move Forward Party (MFP), is the expected to become Thailand’s next prime minister. Mr Pita is a good candidate to be an ambassador for Thailand’s tourism sector because of his popularity among younger people. Key opinion leader is someone who has fame and name among people and is considered a celebrity who can easily attract everyone’s attention to the brand.

Thailand is investing and making strategies seriously to welcome 10 million visitors during the first five months of this year. Around 50,000 foreign nationals are being expected to arrive in Thailand each day in May. Last month, more than 80,000 foreign nationals came to Thailand per day on average, but the numbers surged during Songkran. Mr Chamnan Srisawat also agreed that appointing Mr Pita as a tourism ambassador would be a brilliant idea for improving the profit. He insisted the next government to enhance the quality of sites for them to be more attractive to tourists.