Amar Bharati : True embodiment of devotion, dedication and perseverance

Amar Bharati is the true embodiment of perseverance. This story seems impossible and unreal. But it is true by all means. 

For the last 45 years, this man has had his hand raised and not once had put it down. He chose to become a sadhu nearly four decades ago. It means living devoid of any material needs. 

In 1970, Bharati was living a normal life working at a Bank. He had a wife and three children. One day in a moment of great realization, he decided to leave his family and job in order to follow his religious calling. 

He decided to dedicate his life to Lord Shiva, a god from Hinduism. At first, it was not easy. He was tempted to do all those things which monks do not do. Therefore he needed to do something drastic to hold his religious beliefs. 

Therefore in 1973, he chose to raise his hand for rest of his life as a symbol of his dedication towards Lord Shiva. He became famous all around the world and people were fascinated by his unshakeable dedication. 

When asked the reason for raising his hand, he always says that it is a gesture to promote world peace and is also a symbol of dedication towards Shiva. 

In the beginning he was in excruciating pain, but his dedication outweighed his pain. He wants world peace. It inspired others to become monks and also hold hands, but no one has been able to beat his record.

The perseverance and dedication of this man is astonishing and spell bounding. We find it difficult to manage small tasks in our day to day lives. Lack of discipline is the major aspect contributing towards failure. But he has maintained the discipline to profess his religious belief. He is an inspiration for everyone.