A warming, changing world: Key stats that prove climate change is real


Since 2001, 19 of the 20 warmest years on record have been recorded. Average rate of temperature increase is 0.18 degree celsius since 1981, which is twice the rate before that. 
Decreased snow cover is one of the major concerns. Satellite observations show that the amount of spring snow cover has decreased in the Northern Hemisphere . Over the past five decades, the snow has been melting quickly. 
That rate of rise in global sea levels per year is 3.6mm. It is twice the rate which was 1.4mm per year earlier. Shrinking ice sheets have also caused worry. Since 2002, Antarctica and Greenland have been losing ice mass at a rate of 150 bn metric tons per year and 278 bn metric tons per year respectively. 
Warming oceans are a threat to sea life. The ocean has soaked up more than 90% of all the excess heat. The increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere has risen by 25% since 1958. The annual rate of increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past 50 years is about hundred times faster than the previous rate of increase. At present the CO2 levels are at the highest in the past 8 lakh years. This is absolutely shocking and worrisome. 
Ocean acidification is a serious threat to the environment. The ocean absorbs CO2 from human activities at a rate of 22 mn tons per day. The acidity of surface ocean waters has increased by about 30% since the industrial revolution. This change is hundred times faster than any change in acidity experienced by marine life for at least the last 20 million years.


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