A perfect blend of education and innovation : Laboratory on Wheels

When innovation and education go hand in hand, it can create wonders. Dr. Jaswinder Singh is one such teacher who has blended education and innovation together. 

Dr. Jaswinder Singh is a physics lecturer. He thrives to make science interesting for students. For this purpose, he has converted his car into a laboratory. It is a laboratory on wheels. More than 80 experiments can be performed in his lab. This is amazing!

He has been honoured with more than 70 awards for his excellent work. He prepares equipment using cardboard, empty bottles, waste pens etc. to perform his experiments, he has installed a solar bulb, solar water pump, a solar geyser, a solar fan, microscope, telescope, magnets and periscope. 

Students find science as one of the most difficult subjects. To make it more perceivable and interesting, Dr. Jaswinder gives live demonstrations. 

Creating such a lab is generally quite expensive but he managed to make his wonderful lab-on-wheels by investing only Rs.10,000 as he used waste material. He has been visiting many schools to give live demonstrations regarding various scientific concepts like how human eyes work?, pressure techniques of air, solar power and solar energy etc. 

He has become a major inspiration among the youth. He has been able to create curiosity amongst students. Some students have tried to make their own experiment kits using waste material. He provides the best guidance to all his students. 

He has been honoured by the President of India by Shiksha Ratan. His demonstrations and experiments actively involve teachers and students. He teaches his students about how to use science effectively in their daily life. His interactive workshops have inclined students learning and exploring more. He is doing commendable work. He is a source of inspiration for other teachers as well.