A fighter who took the holistic approach to life: Ankita Muwal


At the age of 17, when all of us are dreaming and planning our life, Ankita started suffering from a rare, incurable skin disease known as Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). From getting diagnosed to turning into an entrepreneur, Ankita, the modern age superwoman, shares her story with voiceasianews.
In 2017 after completing her post-graduation in Hyderabad, Ankita started working in a pharmaceutical company when her condition deteriorated. So much so that she couldn’t get up from her bed and be unable to carry out her day to day chores.
Sadly her condition bought her to such a phase wherein she contemplated suicide as Hs is a highly misdiagnosed disease. HS is known for causing painful lumps in the nodal areas like groin armpits etc., and if untreated or mistreated, it can make your life a lot difficult as the pain is unbearable.
Since it is highly misdiagnosed, Ankita was prescribed steroids, antibiotics, injections, which did nothing but suppressed her symptoms and delayed her healing; she was fed medicines without giving her any updates on her life. She did so, thinking that the dermatologists will take care of her.
Like anyone, she resorted to taking medicines until she realized that modifying her lifestyle will make her what she is today. It took a lot of time for her to understand what is happening to her, but now she has survived and is proud of everything she did.
Ankita not only changed herself, but now she is helping everyone to incorporate a lifestyle that will keep them away from all sorts of lifestyle disease. When asked what keeps her motivated, Ankita states that seeing people getting healed by following her approach keeps her motivated; she has turned her pain into her power and enables others to do so.
Talking about her struggle Ankita went through migraines, hair fall, joint pains, depression, suicidal tendency, facial paralysis, boils, sleepless nights, you name it, and she has faced it. She felt rejected, hopeless, anxious, alone, and sulked all alone; she needed a boult of electricity to make peace with her reality, and nature managed to do so.
Going through hell and making others get a feel of heaven on earth, Ankita has done at all. She inspires her near and dear ones every day by posting on Facebook and through her YouTube channel. She tells the story of autoimmune people and makes them feel at home, which is what a person suffering from health issues require.
She thanks the universe for what she is today. She tried all the suitable medications but naturally did everything; she is stronger than ever and motivates everyone to be so.



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