A credible solution to global climate change proposed by Bill Gates can save the world


Bill Gates has proposed to solve global climate change. Climate change is a menace at global level which has become increasingly hard to tackle.
Activists around the world have generated enough demand for plans for climate change. According to Bill Gates, what needs to be done is to translate these plans into calls for action by electing officials who will adopt specific plans if demanded by voters.
He has proposed taking charge as an important step to deal with climate change. Keep in touch with state and local representatives to have an even bigger impact than at the federal level. He suggests to make calls, write letters and attend town hall meetings to demand action. Citizens can also run for state or local office to encourage policies related to climate change.
Everyone needs to reduce home emissions to reduce the impact of climate change. Replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs or buy efficient appliances. If you are building or renovating your home, opt for recycled steel, structural insulated panels, roof radiant barriers or reflective and foundation insulation.
Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in the developed nations. Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable for many consumers. They have also come a long way in terms of cost and performance. Behavior of a consumer can have a huge impact. If people start buying electric vehicles, companies will produce more such vehicles.
His next proposal is to try plant based alternatives. Plant based protein alternatives are closer to the taste and texture of meat. Eating a meat substitute just once or twice a week will cut down on emissions. The same goes for dairy products. These proposals made by Bill Gates are effective, efficient and simple. It can help to reduce the drastic climate change and its impact on the world.


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