A coating for capturing airborne droplets developed by US scientists


Today, scientists in Washington released a piece of news saying that they have developed a sticky wall coating whose purpose is to trap all the aerosolized droplets. The ingredients used in this coating are as same as those that are used in hair conditioners.
The scientists hope that this will be an excellent tool for traping the droplets and become a valuable tool in fighting the covid-19 and various other airborne diseases.
This substance can be easily applied on surfaces for capturing the respiratory droplets; this will prevent the droplets from bouncing and being in circulation.
Coronavirus is majorly transmitted through respiratory fluids, which include large droplets and fine aerosols. The best way of removing these from the air is to keep the windows open and use devices that can capture the fine particles.
Mr. Huang (the man behind this invention) and his colleagues came with this idea and started using PAAm-DDA, a polymer used in hair products and skin products form-locking in the moisture. The team applies the substance on varios surfaces with a brush and performs the tests. Their tests had comparison reports from both coated and uncoated surfaces.


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