A cafe run by prisoners : Open Air Jail Program


An initiative by the Himachal government gives chosen prisoners a new hope to change their lives. This initiative is an open air jail program. Prisoners’ lives have taken a U turn because of this program. They have got a second chance to improve their life. They work in a book cafe where they work all day and go to the jail in the evening. The book cafe has more than 450 books which are provided by the municipal corporation of Shimla. People also donate books to this cafe. In jail, the lives of the prisoners are bound by the four walls.
 At such times, the government’s lifetime learning program proved to be a boon for them. DG Somesh Goyal was the one to bring this twist in the prisoners’ lives. His positive thinking helped to give inmates a chance to join the society again and to stand on their own. Once he was walking with the municipal commissioner in the mall when he told him about the cafe they were making and he presented to him the idea of giving the inmates the job to run this cafe. He believed that this will prove as a stepping stone for the inmates reformation through which they can leave a positive impact on the society. They ran a program to teach the inmates regarding how to talk softly? How to take an order? How to receive guests?. 
Ever since the government has opened this cafe, the inmates come amongst the public and can also talk to them. They are now earning from which they can take care of themselves as well as they can now take care of their families.  Well being. The prisoners who are sent out are now respectable towards society, they understand the value of freedom, they understand the value of following the path of law, respect for law. This is a major change which is brought in the prisoners by this open jail program. From Shimla jail, this Open Jail Air Program was initiated and today in all of Himachal Pradesh jails, selected inmates have received this opportunity to rehabilitate back into society. More than 150 prisoners are sent outside of Himachal Pradesh to work in different business establishments. This amazing idea of Open Air Jail will make the prisoners do something productive after they have completed their sentence. 


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