79 opposition MPs suspended from Indian Parliament for disrupting proceedings

At least 79 opposition lawmakers were made to leave the Indian Parliament on Monday for creating disturbance in proceedings as they wanted a government statement and a discussion on the safety breach of the Chambers latest week. The suspensions followed same kind of action made in opposition to 14 lawmakers latest week. Although disruptions and protests are not weird in Parliament, the total of 93 suspensions is the highest during a single session for years, according to analysts, showing that the legislature is getting difficult on unruly conduct.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party has 290 lawmakers in the Lower House of 543 seats. The decisions of the presiding officers of the Upper and Lower House to suspend the lawmakers on Dec 18 were broadcast on Parliament’s TV channel. The protesting opposition lawmakers were revealed gathering in front of the presiding officer in the Upper House and shouting slogans. Similar scenes were also witnessed in the Lower House. Police filed terrorism charges in opposition five people in connection with a security breach in the new Parliament complex after a man jumped into the Lower House, shouted slogans and set off a smoke canister on Dec 13.

he Speaker of the Lower House has said that security is his responsibility and is conducting a review. The federal Home Ministry is also investigating the breach. Opposition lawmakers, however, want a debate and a statement on the issue from Home Minister Amit Shah. Mr Modi, in an interview with a Hindi-language newspaper, said what had befell was very stern and there should be an in depth enquiry into it, but “there was no requirement to debate this”. Opposition lawmakers revealed the government was having a disposition like a dictatorial manner.